Ríos de LLuvia

“Travel with us”

Let's discover the wonders of the sea together, on a magical journey...

This is a magical story...

Ríos de lluvia is the story of a little girl destined to find her place in the world after the death of her mother, who leaves her the love of life, the bond with the family, the enjoyment of nature and being happy as an inheritance. with the essentials. The Mother left her last wish in the hands of her daughter, to know the sea and to live this adventure, this little girl will travel with her maternal grandfather, through the Maule landscapes. It is an emotional and spiritual journey, which leads us to reflect on the legacy that is left after death.



Ríos de Lluvia is a platform puzzle game where you play as a girl and her grandfather, switching between them to solve different puzzles and be able to complete their journey from the mountains to the sea.


  • Maule Tec (U Talca)
  • Altair Films
  • Editor

  • Abstract Digital
  • Where can I get it?

    Soon you will be able to acquire Ríos de Lluvia at Steam.